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Juice-Tin's News

Posted by Juice-Tin - August 10th, 2021

After being quite for so many years, we're excited to finally announce Strike Force Heroes: Remastered!

Follow the game's development over at Reddit:



Posted by Juice-Tin - September 15th, 2015

Finally, the sequel is coming!

For more info, visit:



Posted by Juice-Tin - January 18th, 2013

Strike Force Heroes 2 Trailer! Woop!

Game is still being worked on, for more updates, check here


Posted by Juice-Tin - July 4th, 2011

Raze 2 Trailer!

Posted by Juice-Tin - May 26th, 2011

Raze 2 demo, yay!


Posted by Juice-Tin - February 18th, 2011


Been working very long and hard on a brand new engine for Raze 2... Rather than discuss it here, check it out at my website, as well as a sample of the engine, just to see how much it can push :)
Check out the Raze 2 engine here

Also, my new game Siegius is done and in it's last stages sponsorship until it will be shown on the interwebs. What is Siegius you ask? Check it out here:
Siegius (New awesome game) trailer on youtube

Woopty doo!

Posted by Juice-Tin - December 18th, 2010

Hi everyone, I just want to start by apologizing for not being very active in my previous posts, website, or through PM's. I've been having a whole mess of computer/internet/personal problems for a while now, so I haven't been able to be active anywhere online.

Anyway, on to the good stuff!

I've read through all the comments in my previous post, and there was indeed a whole lot of useful information in there. The artist of Raze (AddisonR) is doing school fulltime right now and has been for a while (which is why I've done a few small side projects in the meantime), so at the moment he doesn't have much time to work on it. But the good news is we've been discussing it quite a bit, and have huge plans for it. Hopefully we can get working within the next month or two. I can't really reveal too much about it right now, but trust me when I say it will be totally awesome :).

Posted by Juice-Tin - March 19th, 2010

That's right, Addison and I have been discussing an online multi-player version of raze. It'll have an experience system, unlockables, upgrades, etc.

But of course, we want to make the best experience possible! Meaning smooth gameplay with no bugs or slowdown, and a fast & reliable online mode.

-- Help from fellow developers --
Right now I'm having a hard time finding a good, fast and efficiant multiplayer Api. So I'm asking all the developers out there, if you know of any good online flash API's, please leave it in the comment. So far I've taken a look at:
- Blossom server, seems okay, but doesn't seem to be as fast or efficient as others.
- Nonoba, looks pretty solid, but you have to integrate your game with their website.
- Smartfoxserver, seemes really good, but you need to pay large fee's to use the stuff. (We may end up going though route).

If you know of any other great multiplayer Api's that I should take a look at, please reply here, or send me a PM. Thanks a lot!

- Juice

Posted by Juice-Tin - March 5th, 2010

Finally done Raze.. Phew!
Took almost a year in developement with Addison (AntitudeGames). So glad to finally see it online!

Gaem iz heer:

Posted by Juice-Tin - June 18th, 2009

Booyah! The game is here on NG. Here's a cool video the sponsor made for the game. (At 1:30-2:10, 3:30-4:00, and 5:10-5:45 are my favorites parts)

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